The Study on Reading Habits of Senior Secondary Students: Evidence from Vipulanantha College, Vavuniya

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Shanmugathasan, S
Kupeshan, R
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Library Network Eastern University, Sri Lanka
Reading habits determine the academic achievements of students to a great extent. The main objective of the study was to examine the reading habits of the students and to overcome the barriers of reading habits in the school libraries. The study adopted a descriptive survey design and data was collected using a structured questionnaire administered among two hundred respondents randomly selected from Gr.10 – Gr.12 students from Vipulanantha College, Vavuniya. The response rate was 93%. The findings show that the most of the students (73.7%) spend time for reading regularly for less than one hour per day on average. The 55% of students prefer to read text books and the 45% of students preferred to read their materials in the school library environment. The 3.5% of students do not have the interest to read any materials. The 92% of students are interested in reading in their mother language (Tamil). The students (33%) indicated that they did not show much interest in reading due to the influence of Social media. It can be concluded that average students reading time is very short and they mostly prefer their school library environment. Social media, television and extra-curricular activities adversely affect the reading habits of the students. The action should be taken to increase the library opening hours after school and to encourage students to read other language materials too. Curriculum related additional reading books and internet facilities also have to be made available in the library. It is suggested to arrange a conducive environment to create a reading culture at their residence too.
International Symposium on Emerging Trends in Education and Library & Information Science
Reading habits, School Library, Students, Vavuniya