Research Productivity of University of Moratuwa: A Study Based on Scopus Database

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Thushari, M.S
Navaneethakrishnan, S
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Library Network Eastern University, Sri Lanka
University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka is the leading technical university in Sri Lanka. Carrying out nationally relevant and high-impact research to expand the boundaries of knowledge is direted through the mission of University of Moratuwa. Therefore, purpose of this study is to identify the research productivity of University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. A Total number of 1712 publications authored by 5491 authors with the affliation University of Moratuwa during the period 1981 – 2017 (inclusive) were derived from Scopus database. The research method of this study was Scientometric analytical method using Bibexcel software. Findings of the analysis revealed that the majority of the publications in the category of conferene proceedings and contributed by multiple authors. Average degree of collaboration over the study period is 0.9. with collaborative contributors from countries like United States, Australia etc. UoM publications recorded progressively increasing degree of collaboration. Relative growth rate as well as doubling time of publiations fluctuates with positive and negative figures resulting inonsisteny. MerCon – Moratuwa Research Conference organized by Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa is listed as most sorted source of dissemination of information. Majority of the highly produtive authors and highly cited publications are from the Faculty of Engineering.
International Symposium on Emerging Trends in Education and Library & Information Science
Research Produtivity, Scopus, Scientometrics, Sri Lanka, University of Moratuwa