Challenges in Adapting Social Media to Market University Libraries in Sri Lanka

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Wathsala Athukorala1
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Library Network Eastern University, Sri Lanka
This paper examines the Challenges in adapting social media to market university libraries in Sri Lanka. A survey method was used to collect data and sample is selected among library academics who are working in the university libraries in Sri Lanka. The Questionnaires were distributed among 123 and the number of library academics who completed and returned surveys in this study was 97.8%. Research found that the challenges such as slow speed of internet, lack of social media policies, privacy issues and confidentiality of information are main challenges in using social media platforms in Sri Lankan university libraries. Further, lack of training opportunities, the willingness of the library staff to use conventional methods and lack of resources are the challenges which would be faced in introducing social media into the library system. It was found that the library professionals have not taken those challenges as real challenges and they consider them as opportunities. The research recommended to the officials in the higher education and grants commission sector, to distribute the funds evenly among all the state universities in Sri Lanka to overcome the lack of resources and facilities in some universities. Further new training programs are recommended by the study to enhance the workers abilities and skills on new technologies. These programs should be arranged among all the staff members and the opportunities to participate for the international programs related to social media for marketing libraries should be given to the academics in the library sector.
International Symposium on Emerging Trends in Education and Library & Information Science
Adaptation, Challenges, Library Professionals, Privacy Issues, Social Media, University Libraries