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    Estimation of the Feeding Value of Guinea Grass and Goats for Goats
    (Eastern University Sri Lanka, 2002) M., Pagthinathan; V., Arulnandthy; J., Sinniah
    In search of valuable supplement lot Guine leedra value browse spectre sepium considered, Ia be d prom isin g source of quality protein. Concentrates are usually of high quality but their high cost reduces the profitabiLity margin in goat production Based on the economical importance of goats and the value of the forages to achieve maximum profit, an attempt was made to assess the leedingvalue of Gliricidia and the combination of boih Gliricidia and Guinea grass in feeding ol goats
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    The Performance of Parents And Their F5 BC2 BC3 Progenies in Brinjal
    (Eastern University Sri Lanka, 2002) V., Arulnandthy; S., Sutharshan; T., Suntherason
    Biryal (Solanum melongena L.) is an importaNt vegetable irr Sri Lanka in general and particularly in the Easlem Sri Lanka_ However the unavailability of high yielding cultivars with acceptable fruit quality is a limitation in the expansion of cultivation of this crop. Spot Experiment was carried out with trro inbred patients SM 6-6 and Palugamam
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    Environmental Economic Analysis of Waste Paper Recycling with Special Reference to Valachennal Paper Mills
    (Eastern University Sri Lanka, 2002) T., Ramilan; P., Sivarajah
    Paper is an important element of modern life however Utilization has negative externalities associated with its production as well as consumption. production of paper using ,,wood pulp or paddy shaw as a major component is referred to as conventional production. It causes environmental pollution_ Solid waste generated in Sri Lanka consists of considerable portion of waste paper In Sri Lanka. National paper Company
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    Role of NGSs in the Upliftment of War Affected Widows in Selected DS Division of Batticaloa District
    (Eastern University Sri Lanka, 2002) K., Tha; N., Nallarajah
    Sri Lanka's ethnic conflict and civil war has been described as the country's rosi desactive problems. The war has gone over 16 years. causing around 53,355 widows of age between 17 and 25, in the island and incalcuLable damages to personal and public properties. In Batticaloa district alone 10.500widows were created during the 16 years period
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    Low Cost Data Acquisition System for Time Relatively Slow Physical Events
    (Eastern University Sri Lanka, 2002) K., Sathiyaranjan; J.C.N., Rajendra