Changes in well water quality with distance from the Mula right bank canal of Rahuri Tahsil, Maharashtra, India,

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M. Sugirtharan, B.D. Bhakare
D.D. Pawara
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Eastern University, Sri Lanka
The changes in well water quality with increasing distance from canal, was investigated in a canal length of about 25 Kilometers at Mula right bank canal command area of Rahuri Tahsil, Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, India. Water samples were collected at 100 meter distances upto 500 meter away from the canal at 12 different sites on the canal distance. The samples were analyzed for some chemical parameters of the water and electrical conductivity (EC). Concentrations of Sodium (Na), bicarbonate (HCO3'): chloride (Cl~), sulphate (SOf-), nitrate (NO') and electrical conductivity decreased with increasing distance from the canal. The maximum value at the point closest to the canal were 14.76, 7.46, 3.27, 7.22, 1.02 meL'1 and 1.89 dSm~' for Na, HCO;, CI-, SO/', NO; and EC, respectively. Values of 7.78, 5.17, 2.08, 3.61, 0.67 meL-i and 1.07 dSm' for Na, HCO;, Cl, SO/-, NO; and EC were obtained at the point 500 meters away from the canal. Potassium (K), nitrate (NO;) and carbonate (CO32~) in the well water were found in trace amounts. The study revealed that, there is a possibility of getting poor quality water near unlined canal due to the seepage effect. Therefore proper lining of canal is important to avoid the seepage effect near canal area. The effects of the use of well water on soil quality are discussed according to their characteristics.
Command area,, Electrical conductivity,, Ground water,, Sodium hazard