Designing a Cooker to Utilise the Natural Waste Rice Husk as a Cooking Gas,

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Fernando, P. R.
Karthika, U.
Parthipan, K.
Shandarabavan, T.
Ismail, R.
Jeeva, A
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Advances in Recycling & Waste Management
Environmental pollution is big issue in the world, which is from the natural by-products. Some of these byproducts can be transformed into alternative energy source. Rice husk is the one of the natural by-product which is freely available in Sri Lanka that can be used to produce gas for cooking. To utilise the natural by-products a cooker was designed and the performance of the cooker was evaluated. The cooker consists a gasifier, char chamber, air blowing system and a burner. The rice husk was feed into the gasifier through the top of the cooker and lighted. The gas was produced through air force blown into the reactor through the fan to the husk and the atmospheric air from the secondary holes around the burner for proper oxygenation. The performance test was done by boiling 1 litres of water within 7 minutes and the result revealed that the efficiency of the cooker is 27.17%. The efficiency of the cooker could be increased by continuous flow of rice husk feeding. The end product rice husk ash could be utilising as a raw material in cement, bricks and fertilizer production.
Rice husk gas cooker, Gasifier, Char chamber, Rice husk ash, By-products, Oxygenation