Pattern of Author Productivity using Lotka's Law in National conference Proceedings

Show simple item record Manthiramoorthi, M Saravanakumar, R.R Thamaraiselvi, M 2021-07-06T09:06:26Z 2021-07-06T09:06:26Z 2018
dc.identifier.issn 9789551443955
dc.description International Symposium on Emerging Trends in Education and Library & Information Science en_US
dc.description.abstract This paper deals with the pattern of author productivity using Lotka’s law in national conference proceedings. The purpose of the paper to analyses the content wise distribution of the paper, types of document cited, pagination per articles, Number of keywords per articles, authorship pattern of cited references and to test Lotka’s law. The data set was created by using 31contributed papers, invited papers and abstracts were excluded from the study. The collected data was further analyzed by using M.S. Excel and Chi-square test is used to prove hypothesis. For this study total counting method was apply to test Lotka's law. The findings of the study reveals 15 (48.4%) are full text papers.50 (53.19%) of journals, magazines, and newspapers are cited followed by 21 (22.34%) of websites. 9 (60.00%) papers have the pagination of 7-12 pages, followed by 5 (33.33%) papers have the pagination of 13-18 pages. 6 (42.86%) papers are used 3 keywords, followed by 4 (28.57%) papers are used 4 keywords. cited references of single author are 26(49.06%) followed by the cited references of two authors are 14 (26.42%). the pattern of author productivity is tested by using Lotka's law. The number of publications by each author of the cited references which received equal credit by total counting method. Chi-square test is used to test the hypothesis and used to verify the applicability of Lotka's law. The result shows that Chi-square value was highly significant and Lotka's law was not applicable to this data. en_US
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dc.publisher Library Network Eastern University, Sri Lanka en_US
dc.subject Bibliometrics en_US
dc.subject Author pattern en_US
dc.subject Lotka's law en_US
dc.subject National conference proceedings en_US
dc.subject Anna centenary library en_US
dc.title Pattern of Author Productivity using Lotka's Law in National conference Proceedings en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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